Certificate of medical care for 9 months of 2015 for the Taskalinsky District


The SCP for the "Taskinskaya Central District Hospital" PHV includes: 1 CRH, 4 VA, 3 FAP, 17 MP.

 To date, 27 doctors work in the district, 128CMR.

The population of the region is 17204 people.

For 9 months of 2015, 172 children were born in the district (birth rate-10),

For 9 months of 2014, 214 children were born (birth rate per 1000 newborns-12.5).

The total mortality of the population for 9 months 2015-114 (indicator -6.6) and for 9 months 2014 g-95 cl (5.5).

The natural increase for 9 months of 2015 is 58 people (the figure is 1000 people per capita-3,4), for 9 months of 2014 119 people (the indicator is 6,9).

 Among the dead by age structure 65 years and older - 56 cases - 63.6% (for 9 months of 2014 - 45 slots - 62.5%).

- died working age - 27 sl - 30.6%. (For 9 months of 2014 - 20 sl 27.7), of whom the deceased of screening age 16 sl - 18%.

It turned out that among the able-bodied age each citizen is not working.

For the 9 months of 2015, according to the information system "Drug Provision", 2,295 patients were issued for the amount of 18 million263 thousand 003 tenge. - 100%.



Reduction of maternal mortality (per 100,000 live births)

Stabilization and reduction of infant mortality (from 0 to 1 year)

Reduction of mortality from diseases of the circulatory system (BSC) (per 100 thousand of the total population) *

Decrease in the index of oncological morbidity (per 100 thousand of the population)

Reducing mortality from oncological morbidity (per 100,000 population)

The increase in the specific gravity of malignant tumors detected at the I-II stage to 55.1%

Reducing the incidence of tuberculosis (per 100 thousand population)

Reduction of deaths from tuberculosis (per 100 thousand of the total population)

Reduction of mortality from injuries and poisonings (per 100 thousand of the total population)

Retention of HIV prevalence in the age group 15-49 years at the level of no more than 0.5%




17s -98.8


10 sl -58.1


5 sl -29.1


16 sl-93

1 sl -0.012




13 sl-75.7

24 sl-139.8

8 sl -46.6


1 sl-5,8

1 sl-5.9




Target indicators of the strategic plan 9 months. 2015 compared to 9 months of 2014
 For screening events under order No. 145, No. 8.
Successful implementation of screening programs is an indicator of the formation of a joint responsibility of citizens for their health.

Name of screening




Diseases of the circulatory system








Mammary cancer








Cancer of the colon and rectum




Cervical cancer




Esophageal and gastric cancer










Identified patients-594 (19.17%)

-Healthy-342 (57.58%)

- Taken on the "D" account - 152 (25.68%)


In order to reduce overall mortality:

- Conduct interdepartmental interaction of local executive bodies, the ROO, the ROVD in the district.

- In each rural district to conduct gatherings with the participation of deputy. Akim on the social sphere of health workers, HLS where diseases prevention and ways to improve the quality of life are raised.

- Through the regional newspaper "Ekpin" a healthy lifestyle is promoted to form a national idea through the upbringing of the "cult" of a healthy person with an optimistic outlook, professional longevity and active old age.

- Through the media, the running line to conduct work aimed at preventing transmission from generation to generation of harmful behavioral stereotypes.

- It is necessary to develop a system of informing the population about possible dangers and threats to life and health associated with the epidemiological situation, the appearance of hazardous goods on the market.

- To recommend for the universal introduction to the SOS program the courses of life safety provision.

- Expand existing health groups, create conditions and involve different groups of people in active physical training.

- Involvement of volunteers to strengthen outreach work on awareness, joint human responsibility for their health.

- Expanding the employment of health schools with patients and with relatives of patients.

In the first 9 months of 2015, there were 2 cases of infant mortality in the district, 2 cases - 12.1 (9 months in 2014 - 3-14.2), infant mortality rate 2 sl - 12.1 (9 months 2014 3-14.2 ).


1. Quarterly meetings of the district headquarters for reducing infant and child mortality are held.

2. At a meeting of the staff, women from low-income families with children under five years of age are invited. There is a financial help.

Mortality from injuries and poisoning for 9 months of 2015-93 (16sl),

                                                   9 months 2014 -75.7 (13 s).

 In the structure of mortality from injuries and poisonings

I place 5 cases of mechanical asphyxia (45%),

In the II place 4 cases of severe trauma (36%),

In the third place 3 cases of carbon monoxide poisoning.


- Schedules are drawn up, joint representatives of local executive bodies, psychologists of the district hospital, school psychologists go to rural districts where suicides are registered. In the families of suicides joint work is carried out to prevent recurrence.

- Round tables are held with the participation of the imam of the mosque, local executive bodies, medical workers.



For 9 months. 2015 g incidence of tuberculosis 7 cases (40.7 per 100 thousand population), for 9 months. 2014 g was - 6 ml (35.1).

For 9 months of 2015, social motivation was provided: 18 patients in the supporting phase of treatment were allocated social. Assistance for the amount of 531,140 tenge.

- In the district there are quarterly meetings of the district staff to reduce tuberculosis.

- At work, the outgoing fluoromachine was provided to reduce tuberculosis.

- During the operation of the out-of-the-way floromachine, all the services of the district were assisted in organizing the fluro examination.

For 9 months of 2015, a round-the-clock hospital treated -688, in the day hospital treated - 2796, a hospital at home - 165.